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Hanzo The Phantom Taps Ariel Saree & Dante ThatGuy for Single 'French Inhale'

Immerse yourself in the smoke

The sound is a bit whimsical and is met with the voice of Ariel Saree as she invites you to join her on a seductive like cannibis voyage. The song provides an airy feel that caters to the recreational reputation that Denver has had over the past few years. Coupled with the aura, Hanzo takes the first verse giving smoke double entendres left and right but maintains the chill flow throughout. Lastly, still not sure where Dante ThatGuy got this unmistakable voice and cadence from but we love it as he slides in with his lackadaisical yet charismatic flow.

The entire song just calls for you to lay back, take a hit, which I'm sure is what the artists wanted. Check out all of these artists and when there's one Denver artists there is sure to be another one close by. That's how it's supposed to be, move as a unit.