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Heat Wave in the Winter: 6 Albums to Keep on Your Radar Within the Next Few Weeks

There's some heat dropping next month so for my recollection and for your records I thought I would let ya'll know what we lookin forward too. The forecast looking hot this February.

End of Jan

Lil Wayne - The Funeral (1/31)

Don't want to even start this without sayin that Weezy is probably bout to kick off the beginning of February the right way by dropping The Funeral. TOMORROW (1/31). Some have actually questioned if this is Wayne's last album. If this is as good as Carter 5 ... well we'll save that for another day. Let's let it come out first.

Russ-Shake the Snow Globe (1/31)

So the outspoken rapper is coming out the same day as Weezy. Some may say this is a little dangerous but I will go as far to say that Russ and Wayne fans come in a slightly different package. Russ is dropping Shake the Snow Globe and the tracklist is nothing to laugh about. He very rarely disappoints.


Boldy James - The Price of Tea in China (2/7)

One of my favorite Detroit rappers has emerged from the smoke with none other than Alchemist to deliver fans The Price of Tea in China. I'm sure Boldy got a lot to say and catch us up on.

Jhene Aiko - Chilombo (February)

Love me some Heartbreak Ne, but is that what we're getting with this next release. The songstress on and off again (maybe) relationship with Big Sean has made a lot of people scratch their heads in confusion. They probably don't help things when they appear on each others songs talking about being single but I digress. Love when she spills her heart, emotionally it's draining on her I'm sure but sonically she is kind of unmatched in that arena. We unfortunately don't have a cover for this one yet.

Jadakiss - Ignatius (2/28)

One of the best to EVER do it is checkin in for a February! The raspy one has just announced that his new album Ingatius will be dropping and I can't wait. It's been about 5 years since we had a solo project from Kiss but definitely has had some collaborative home runs. After his single Me, can't wait what else he got to teach us.

Royce Da 5'9 - The Allegory (2/21)

Nickel Nine don't miss! The Allegory is going to be a bar heavy "run that line back" kind of album I can feel it. Royce always comes with stories and as of lately calling rappers out. Be prepared for when you click play on this one because there's going to be a line or two that's going to stick out without a doubt.

There's so much music these days it's hard to keep up. I'm sure I either don't know about some upcoming releases or missed some but we'll get to all of them, that's what our TRH Monthly Slapper playlist is for *shameless plug*. Be on the look out!