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History in the Making: The Inaugural Rose Music Festival

We’re finally outside! After a year of virtual concerts and music festivals, the Inaugural Rose Music Festival broke the ice with one of the first covid-complaint, state-of-the-art music festival experiences to take place in North America since the pandemic hit. This highly anticipated event brought much excitement to the local community in California as many have been impatiently waiting to attend in-person events. The Rose Fest was the perfect blend of giving back to the community and up-and-coming artists, while also spreading positivity and uplifting those in attendance through noteworthy performances. Performers varied from music’s biggest names to those “next up”.

"It’s an amazing feeling to see the results of something that at some points felt like the impossible to make happen during this pandemic," says Phillip Riian, Co-Founder of The Rose Music Festival. "What feels even more special is that I was able to create something of this magnitude with my team, my girls, KendyX and RY.

I’m beyond happy that we were able to not only put together a great event but also build bridges for voices that needed to be heard while supporting a special initiative that’s dear to us all. Even though this music world is very new to me, good work is good work and we have so much to celebrate."

Featured artists at The Rose Fest included Mozzy, Rubi Rose, RY, Eric Bellinger, KendyX, Day Sulan, 1TakeJay, Stunna Girl, Kalan FRFR, Black Fortune, TMG Fre$h, Marissa Ford, SingerSlime, DW Flame, Float Lord, Whitney Reign, ASH10, Audemar, B Lytrece, HTTH, Yoppa Bam, 3LetterzNUK, J.LeGras, Jimmy Bolt, Mariana Velletto and more! Hosted by Abby Nicole, Manuel Antonio, and Philon, the benefit event also saw guest appearances from YG and J Mulan, while DJ Asia Shabazz and DJ Carisma of Power 106 FM provided music and sounds for the night.

The Rose Fest founders Phillip Riian, KendyX, and RY envisioned creating a special moment to bring worlds together and create impact, so it was only right they give back to the community by selecting a local cause to donate 100% of proceeds raised for the festival.

With the help of all involved, a total of $21,797 was raised and will be donated to The Avalon Center, the selected organization located in South Los Angeles that provides education services, home improvement services, and substance abuse services for people who live in Los Angeles County.

“Our staff and young people were given the ultimate VIP experience with the best seats in the house! The organizers created lifelong memories for us all, said Jamico Elder, Executive Director of The Avalon Center. Their professionalism and hospitality are only matched by their generosity and sincere desire to help our families recover during these perilous times. We are encouraged and elated to know Avalon Carver is a part of the Rose Fest family!”

Rose Fest is a music festival that gives back to the community, shines the light on emerging artists, and collaborates with established artists to give fans across the world exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content and live performances. With a solid and successful start, it will be cool to witness how the Rose Fest evolves to further its impact in the years to come.

Photo Credit: Damien Michael

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