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Meg Thee Stallion Graces Atlanta with the First Ever Hottieween

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Atlanta showed up and showed out at the first Hottieween ever, hosted by Megan Thee Stallion and sponsored by Dusse and FashionNova. The hot girls and hot boys made their way to a one of a kind party with thoughts of Megan letting them “drive the boat”. The party itself remained a mystery until mid Halloween day, giving everyone who RSVP’d a bit of excitement being unsure of its location. Many of the Atlanta fans saw LA’s Hottieween Party and knew it was a good time waiting. A lot weren’t able to attend, we were definitely a part of the lucky ones!

Upon arrival, the decor caught the eyes of everyone passing through the Buckhead streets. Red and purple lights lit up a beautiful mansion and led to a creepy live operation of a human Frankenstein. As we arrived within the house we saw that the “live” activations were apart of the party and was such a creative way to get the guests talking about them.

Once the doors opened, music blasted through the corridor. The venue was packed with unbelievable costumes. Everyone in attendance really put some effort into making sure Meg’s party was the talk of the town. The open Dusse bar gave 3 unique drinks with their own Halloween spin; “Soul Snatcher”, “Hotties Brew” and “Haunted”. Next to the bar we found another “Live” activation of creepy mannequins that featured real people in between the plastic figures. We made a bee-line toward a spot where we could have our own space, well as much as we could secure for ourselves before more guests arrived.

The whole night was really a vibe. Fluorescent lights filled every inch of the mansion while the DJ played back to back hits. Everyone was super turnt up, waiting for Megan’s arrival. She snuck in, but made her appearance at the top where everyone could see. She engaged with the crowd and had us all as lit as she was. She brought fellow celebs like Young MA and MoneyBaggYo to help the crowd get extra hype.

Such a fun experience for Halloween. Definitely something for fans to look forward to and tell others about. It will be interesting to see if this is something the Stallion can keep going for a few years. Just make sure your Hottieween knees are ready!