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Is 'Kirk' DaBaby's Peak?

It's been a lot of discussion around the new mircowaveable artists in the rap game. One in particular I always see in a blog or in a Twitter video, is DaBaby. Now personally, DaBaby had to grow on me. Yes, his songs were mad catchy and fun to hear in the club; but could I really sit and listen to his sh*t for content? Was he really someone I could consider as a top rapper out right now?

Well, the day finally came when I had to put this to the test. DaBaby dropped his debut album Kirk last week so I knew I had to buckle down and give this a thorough listen. To my surprise, DaBaby really held his own. His lyrics were based around his failures, triumphs and his family dynamics. Not solely centered about money, drugs and women. Features from Nicki Minaj, Chance The Rapper, Kevin Gates, Migos & more, helped round this album out for me. It gave good closure to those more gimmicky songs he has on the album. This body of work consisted of 13 songs that ranged from some sentimental verses to joints you can bang on the freeway. This is definitely something I would suggest new rappers do once they start to get a larger fan base. Versatility is very important for longevity.

With that being said, I am eager to see how the evolution of the DaBaby shall come to pass. I think that as a rapper, he is talented and has an overall goal in hip hop and that being "the best rapper alive". My downside to him is that I personally think he should get more accessible with other producers. I would like to see these beats level up with the same thoughtfulness in his lyrics. I think that will help him grow and stay in this industry way longer, instead of 2019 being his peak.