• TayDay

Isaiah Rashad Enters 'The Cave' with Kenny Beats

If you aren't hip to Kenny Beats' series, The Cave, you've clearly been living in one. For the last few years producer and engineer, Kenny Beats, has been inviting different rappers to come through for his bi-weekly freestyle series on YouTube. He showcases some of the top artists who are new to the hip-hop game but have been making their marks. He’s had countless visits including Vince Staples, Lil Yatchy, Maxo Kream, Rico Nasty, Denzel Curry, Sada Baby and many more! Each artist comes and drops their hottest 16-32 bars over a 10-minute beat that Kenny makes on the spot. This week’s installation comes from TDE artist, Isaiah Rashad. This was his 1st visit to the Cave to start off Season 3 and he did not come to disappoint.

Now we’ve always known Isaiah Rashad to be one of those dynamic MC’s and this episode was able to show how fire his pen game really is. The smooth vibe of his voice mixed with a “real rap” aesthetic makes for a cohesive balance of soul and structure; he is the perfect definition of indie hip-hop. We watch Kenny give different types of beats and show the editing software as he builds it out, in real time. Him and Isaiah sit and talk about what types of aesthetics work best for his bars, as we see the specific samples Kenny uses and any other sound elements he adds. This is a very dope way for viewers and any up-and-coming producers to learn some new techniques. Another cool element of this series is the editing of the visual we see. The quirky add-ins of colors changes and effects really add to the overall vibe of whoever is in the booth. I can tell that alot of post production work goes into every single element of this series, which is why I stayed tuned in for every new release.

Since the pandemic hit, I know a lot of you rap connoisseurs and inspiring engineers are looking for real beats and lyricism to get you through your days. Make sure y'all tune into Kenny Beats’ Youtube series, dropping every 2 weeks. I promise it’ll get you right!