• NaeTheGoat

JaqueBeatz during his "Unplug The Aux" Event Shows Us How he's 8OAPE's Secret Weapon

Let me tell you where you should have been last week Sunday; front and center listening to Cleotrvppv on the 1s and 2s making sure the crowd is engaged and vibing out before the main reason we all gathered took the platform. 80Ape, a new Atlanta collective consisting of artist, producer, engineer, DJ, and videographer, took their time to make sure everyone was comfortable and ready to go on whatever trip JaqueBeatz had mapped out for us.

All of 80Ape are forces to reckon with, JaqueBeatz is one of their secret weapons. He started playing the keyboard and broke out these neo-soul type feels accompanied with a sax, bass, drums, and another mini keyboard. He started off by welcoming us to "Unplug The Aux" and went straight into his first song of his set. Every bit of talent he has was highlighted throughout his songs, and every song embodied its own feel.

My favorites from the night, two of which came from his 2017 project Aux. “Heart Emojis” and “Plug” was too good, the crowd requested an encore. Even the second time around, it didn’t even sound the same. He added little things that made a difference, but still kept the same essence. Another toy Jaque brought out was this harmonizer. He played around on the keys and with his voice making the place even more light hearted. 80Ape really knows how to keep a crowd present during a listening party/concert/aux passing, they’re all a team of creative geniuses that more people need to know about.

We ended the night singing an “original” version of Happy Birthday to the producer behind a lot of 80Apes projects, Bossman and fellowshipping with people who merely came out to support and listen to great music powered by JaqueBeatz. This collective and this artist needs to constantly be on your radar.