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Jaye Newton Takes Us to Church During 'Just Pray For Me' Concert

Let's give it up to Jaye Newton, when I say this man deserves a round of applause, I mean it. One of Atlanta's favorite independent rappers had his first sold out show this past week, Just Pray For Me The Concert featuring Clew. Taken place at Aisle 5, which seems to be the venue that gives every Atlanta artist this "Right of Passage"to level up after their performance there. I've seen a plethora of artists that once they had a successful show at Aisle 5, doors open to new opportunities on their journey.

Photo by @UVLifestyle

Jaye Newton put on a show that will be talked about amongst his closest and most dedicated fans. As a fan myself, the night of his show was a moment where I can look back and say, “I remember that time Jaye was performing at Aisle 5". It was just so good, and was a proud and inspirational moment to see. Upon walking in the venue I was amazed and loved the amount of people in the crowd for Jaye. The Rap Hippies have literally watched Jaye Newton grow from the ground up, he was The Rap Hippies very first interview and from there it’s always been support. Over the years, Jaye Newton has always found a way to provoke emotion based off of hard work, and graciously thought out projects. The time and effort is 100% shown in his music and his drive to walk in his purpose. So seeing him put on a sold out show comes to no surprise.

What really made Jaye's performance so well-rounded were the details that he put in every aspect. As he performed, he was backed by a full in-house band that brought authentic sounds from the keyboard (shoutout to BossManBeats), the sax, other instruments and of course his beautiful DJ, DJ Cleotrvppv. Jaye continues to stick out and show us his rawness as an artist, just by the elements he brings to his shows. Often in this genre especially with independent rappers, its rare we see a full on production. And when I say production I mean Jaye really put on a show including multi-colored lights and that created different vibes on stage during each song. The use of the blues and purples resonated with the most laid back or melancholy type songs from the album, while reds and pinks were used during the turn up. Jaye also had a dancer come out which made you take a step back and think, he really put something together for his fans. In the Atlanta independent music scene a performance with this amount of depth is highly appreciated due to always seeing a number of artists jump on stage and perform with nothing more then a track, and a mic.

What tied this all together especially if you have been watching Jaye, not only on his musical journey but also his spiritual journey is how he incorporated a little bit of church at the end of his show.But this was expected if you follow along the project Just Pray For Me. The most beautiful part of the night was when Jaye brought everyone on stage to sing one of his most pivotal track on the album. Atlanta singer Shamba, Akil Shaw, and his collective mates DJ Cleotrvppv, and Jaquebeats all in church robes made their way to the stage to sing"Thank you Jesus, I'm not worthy". During this performance we see Jaye on his knees emotionally overwhelmed by the love he has received along with learning that the venue was sold out. The energy in the venue was like no other and was at an all time high; it was no longer the ones on stage singing, it was the entire venue joining in to celebrate Jaye Newton getting taken to church simultaneously. From beginning to end Jaye Newton kept his audience engaged and gave you all the more reasons to love him during this show.

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Knowing where Jaye comes from, it has been an encouraging and inspirational ride to see the turn out of this sold-out show. With barely any room to lift your arms, the crowd at Aisle 5 was still engaged with his amazing performance. Jaye Newton showed us what sets him apart from the rest while we were able to see the undying support he received from Atlanta.

Honestly, we couldn't be happier with the rate of Jaye Netwon's success. #JustPrayForMe concert at Aisle 5 was definitely a night to remember.

Just Pray For Me is available on all streaming platforms.