• desiiTee

Jhene Aiko Drops Visual "Tryna Smoke" Right on Time For The Holidaze

Jhene' Jhene' Jhene'! Her releasing the "Tryna Smoke" visual on 4/20 is GENIUS.

Now I'm a sucka for marketing and a nice strategic release and this one was it for me. Her platinum album, Chilombo was released last March 2020 and remains in rotation. "Tryna Smoke" was just another track that I thought added a nice touch to the album along with the authenticity of Jhene. Honestly, I wasn't expecting a visual for this one especially since she's had some other singles that were popping from the album.

Jhene' takes us on a dreamy 70's ride with kaleidoscope lenses, roller skates, a nice hair flip, and a vintage 70's fur collar coat. The time machine she jumped into for this was perfect. Shout out to the director Eyes, and Jhene' for this visual as it mocks "That 70's Show". Taking the classic scene from the basement which we all loved; Jhene and her team did no wrong with this visual. Oh, we also get a little cameo from her boyfriend Big Sean, and her sisters!

The angelic shit talker has done it again in the most authentic way which is why we love her!!

If you want to jump back in time real quick peep the video below.