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Last Minute Gift ideas to Give to your Hip Hop Head

It's that time of the year and it can either be easy or hard when shopping for your Hip-Hop head. We're getting into the holidays and its time to start the shopping for your loved one and we're the experts to make it easy. As we were thinking of the perfect gift for your average Hip-Hop head I'm pretty sure we were thinking of ourselves.This is a great list, and I want every thing we came up with for myself!

The Rap Hippies present to you

The top gifts to give to your favorite Hip-Hop Head: 

Hip-Hop Card Games

University of Dope

The University of Dope is a hip-hop game that you better have studied for.

This card game from University Of Dope is here to challenge you on all your Hip-Hop Knowledge. There are questions from "What's the full theme song to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?" to "Do your best impersonation of DMX for 10 seconds" to even "What's Jay-Z best album"? The night can get pretty intense if your a real Hip-Hop head and super passionate about the culture.

This gift is only $12 and the perfect stocking stuffer.

Hip-Hop Inspired Stickers

This inspo comes from Co-Founder K-Hisox. As we know in this decade our laptops are our version of a bumper sticker and we must show all the cool shit we like on our laptops. You can never go wrong with Hip-Hop inspired stickers. All stickers range from $2-4.

Find a plethora of Hip-Hop Stickers on

Rap Hippies stickers coming soon to add to your collection.


Just like stickers, buttons are something the culture likes to have and show off. We love to show people how cool and hip we are and making sure we have buttons that others don't. You can find buttons practically anywhere from amazon, to your favorite clothing line. Buttons usually come in packs so find the best deal for your budget. I'd be super hype for some buttons honestly. 

Rap Hippie buttons coming soon.


It's been years since I've owned a poster but I'm not opposed to the idea and can make for a dope aesthetic. It's not the same as going to FYE or Wal-Mart and flipping through the posters section but you have way more variety then we did back in the day. You can also never go wrong with movie posters that coincide with the Hip-Hop Culture. Check out the number of posters from different shops on click the link to go directly to hip-hop posters to choose from or Amazon. 

Classic Rap Graphic Tee's 

We all know a graphic tee will never go out of style. But it seemed to be a trend the past year to get the graphic tees from the 90's hip-hop era or old touring tee's. My favorite is the old CD artwork or tour tees from the "No Limit" era.

Hip-Hop Based Mugs/Cups/ Tumblers 

You can never go wrong with a coffee cup. I know coffee cups with a little drip of Hip-Hop on it will be something that will have my office colleagues talking. Mugs range from $13-$16. 

Find a variety of Hip-Hop inspired mugs at

Hip-Hop Board Game

As game nights have started to become popular again amongst friends, this Hip-Hop board game is a game ALL hip-hop heads should have. Hell, it should be purchased even out of the holiday season. This board game is completely black-owned by BoardGameBrothas, called "Rap Godz"and was recently fully funded. Unfortunately, this game is only up for Pre-order. You can still get it, it just won't arrive in time for Christmas but it's still a dope gift to give and your special hip-hop head will have something to look forward too. Board Game is just $55. Find out more on

Paintings/ Home Decor

This is for our female hip-hop heads who love to decorate the house with exclusive one of a kind pieces, and this one happens to be all hip-hop based. Let me add the creator is showing all kinds of Black Girl Magic with her creations. You can never go wrong with a painting inspired by a favorite rapper or even a cute little throw pillow to add a little dope-ness to your space. Check out with the 90's hip hop inspired pieces. Prices range $25-35 for poster prints and pillows. Honestly, her site is a one-stop-shop for almost everything on this list. So shop up!

Movie Posters synonymous to the culture

This one is pretty simple and can be purchased anywhere. Who doesn't love a movie that goes perfectly with the culture? All the "Friday's", "Boyz in The Hood", "Juice", "Paid in Full" just to name a few. Get the poster and frame it and wah-lah a holiday gift.These can be a little more pricey than a regular poster. Movie poster price range from $11- $30 on 

Hip-Hop History look book/ book

If you know someone who appreciates visual books this is the perfect book, and little did I know there are a plethora of Hip-Hop photography books. This is something to get you off of Instagram for a bit. Shout out to V-103's Promotions Director's office for already having these and letting me skim through. I could have looked through it all day. 

Prices range from $17-40 on

Chuck D Presents This Day In Rap & Hip — Hop History

Hip Hop Raised Me by DJ Semtex

The Rap Year Book — Shea Serrano

Hip Hop at the end of the World- Ernest Paniccioli

Contact High: A Visual History of Hip-Hop- Questlove

Book Bag/ Totes

This might be for our female hip-hop heads again. There are several hip-hop-inspired book bags/clutches/ and totes that I didn't even know about. Get the bag to hold all the other hip-hop goodies. Our girl Kashimirviii got the dope clutches on deck and you can find totes and books bags on Etsy. Prices range from $10- $35


Classic types of vinyl are a reoccurring gift on my wish list and something I think we're all wanting as we keep creeping deeper into this digital age. . Go to your local record store, or is your go-to. Price Range $15-25

Record Player

If you don't have a record player to play the vinyl, GET ONE! It also adds a certain aesthetic to your home. Also, another thing to get before they are completely wiped out because we're all listening to music from our phones. Price range $35 up

Headphones/ Speakers

We all need headphones to play the Hip-Hop we love so much.

Can't go wrong with a pair of Beats or Skullcandy's latest headphones. Price Range depends on headphone preference.