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Lauryn Hill Releases First Song in 5 Years & It's Right On Time

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

No pun intended.

Often times I have a hard time separating an artists from their antics or trivial behavior but like Meek said "There's levels to this sh*t." Although she's not openly supporting 45, like your favorite Chicago rapper, it's no secret that Lauryn Hill may not be everyone's favorite performer at times.

I decided to cast out any notions of judgement and listened to her new cut featured on the upcoming Queen and Slim soundtrack. To no surprise, the song is extremely refreshing. I'm not sure if I just missed Miss. Hill's one of a kind voice coming through the speakers or what but instantly I felt almost a since of relief. She still sounds the sames and I can literally listen to her runs forever. I really hope she gets the bug to begin that process of creating more, and does it in a timely fashion, for her fans sanity.

Check out the song below.