• Bianca Anderson

Marlounsly Inspires Listeners to “Know Your Worth” in New Single “I Am”

Just in time for springtime weather and breezy car rides, Marlounsly empowers listeners with her new single “I Am”, produced by 1040. Fun and inspiring, this song tells the familiar story of settling for less than you deserve in a relationship and finally getting the confidence to walk away and choose YOU. This piece begins with a harmonious piano giving R&B love song energy but soon switches to an upbeat, head-bobbing vibe when the beat drops.

After listening to “I Am”, all I can say is WHEW! The relatable lyrics took me back to a place of playing “wife” without the ring and staying in dead-end relationships for far too long. When she says “I mean it when I say if you ain’t done yet, well I am, you visualize a woman who has done all she could to salvage a one-sided relationship and is now completely fed up. Throughout the song, Marlounsly’s words exude confidence and the exhilarating feeling of taking your power back.

I personally love when artists share their stories through their music as it enables listeners to connect with them on a deeper level, and I think Marlounsly does just that through her work.

Ready to take over 2021, Marlounsly has visuals coming soon for “I Am” and many more releases planned for the rest of the year.

Check out Marlounsly’s new single, “I Am”, below.