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Mick Jenkins Lands a Quick Strike with New EP 'The Circus'

One of of my personal favorite artist, Mick Jenkins, dropped off an early 2020 gift in the form of a 7 track EP last week and I had to say something about it. I’m labeling him now, not to box him in but, Mick Jenkins is The King of Lo-Fi Rap. He manages to do so much damage on tracks on the most mellow tracks. You’ll be sitting there zoning out then have to sit up and run something back! His bars are up there with the untouchables in my opinion.

His latest offering, The Circus, is no exception to what he brings to the table. The Circus, to me, serves as a melodic tidal wave. To intro the album Mick comes out swinging on the banging yet whimsical Hit Boy produced Same Ol. The project kind of gives off a "in case you forgot let me humbly remind you," feel. The only feature is Earthgang on a track called The Light where all three artists trade off bars. Miss Mick? You can actually catch him on tour with the Atlanta duo in a city near you. Make it happen and make sure you bang The Circus on the way there.

Here's one of his singles off the project that proves my claim from earlier.