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MixedByAli Leads Bold Investment Toward the Future of Music Creation

As technology becomes more advanced, so does the market for music producers and artists. Derek “MixedByAli” Ali, Grammy-award winning engineer, wanted to change the game and encourage the development of bright-eyed creators.

Ali sat with Bimma Williams on an episode of Claima Stories and spoke about revolutionizing music creation through his vertical marketplace Engine Ears and acquiring funding and traffic for this platform. Ali shares his past experiences on how he was able to kickstart his career by creating ringtones in high school to acquiring $1 million of investments toward his groundbreaking program through Kendrick Lamar, DJ Mustard, Roddy Rich, and Slauson and Co.

With EngineEars, aspiring mixers can connect with the more experienced community to obtain knowledge by having access to skill-tuning workshops and artists aimed to help with their independent business ventures as engineers. Ali founded the service back in 2018, but since launching the alpha version this year he was able to curate over 120 seasoned engineers with roughly 2000 people on the waitlist and is still growing!

Claima Stories works hand in hand with creatives alike to bring awareness to the great difference in treatment and opportunities for young POC in the creative industry.

"Claima Stories has created a powerful platform that is needed not only in the creative community but the global workplace at large.”

It’s important that we continue to curate these platforms for the next class of artists! The works of Mixedby Ali and Bimma through EngineEars and Claima Stories will continue to revolutionize the industry thus making more room for young talent ready to break bread with the elite of today.