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Our Favorite Artists That Created Projects Backwards & We Loved It

How many artists can you name on one hand who has given us a project not only in its regular format but also backward? The beginning of Hip-Hop's infatuation with a "backward/reverse" sound, date back to the pioneer days of the genre as DJ's and MC's always found a way to play with records, effects and words. Our creativity has always made us different and sought after but when you sit and think, for someone to put whole songs, and projects backward is sorta beyond the mental capacity. As we shift from the pioneers of hip hop who made it cool we even go into a space of wearing our clothes backward thanks to Kriss Kross. So I say all this to say, we been doing this for quite a long time, and Hip-Hop has always found a way to be different even if it was backward and didn't make sense, it makes sense to us.

Lets take a look at a few of our favorite artist who took making music backwards to a whole different level.



The unforgettable song brought to us by Nas titled "Rewind" that had everyone in awe because the style and delivery were different. This type of concept was way before its time. The song "Rewind" was off of Nas album "Stillmatic", where he took the song and told the story backward. (Read this next sentence slowly) The beginning of the story was at the end of the song instead of at the beginning. Nas got so much praise for this and it's still one of the dopest storytelling songs in Hip-Hop.

Missy Elliot

Work It

No one can forget the infamous line, "If it's worth it, let me work it, and put that thang down flip it and reverse it!" Then guess what she did... reversed it! This doesn't come to a surprise when it comes to Missy Elliot as she exudes creativity and this was bound within her music.

This seems to be the easiest "backward" project to figure out but a few years back I started to notice that people realized that the actual reverse part of the song is the line above and it blew my mind...WHY didn't you know this? You can hear it!!

Kendrick Lamar


For all my Kendrick fans, y'all have to know this little tidbit on the Pulitzer Award-winning album "DAMN". To a lot of people's surprise, it's supposed to be played backward. If you sat with this album as its original release like I did, knowing this information had to blow your mind. As many started to suspect this album to be played backward many playlists started to pop up before the actual release of its "backward" form. Listening to this album starting from the end it still makes sense if not better. Kendrick gives several clues within the song, and we begin to understand why he won the Pulitzer award for this project.


Kendrick finally broke his silence and mentioned earlier in the year it was on purpose, stating, “I don’t think the story necessarily changes, I think the feel changes.” 

Take a real listen and let us if it blows your mind as it did ours!

Joyner Lucas


Now Joyner Lucus is not necessarily on everyone's radar, but he is a really dope rapper who comes with crazy concepts. Remember his very controversial music video featuring the "Make America Great Again" hat. Well before that time, he created a song called "Backwords" where he literally rapped and spit 8 bars and then spit it backwards right after. How is that possible you may ask? Ha! Joyner Lucas found away and made him a different kind of rapper. He gives us 4 mins this genius and it blows your mind. Take a listen, and try to comprehend the things that don't make sense but is so dope in Hip-Hop and Rap.

Oh! Happy Backwards Day!