• NaeTheGoat

Puff Puff Play: Artist to Add to Your Rotation

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

So yesterday was National Hemp Day, who would have guessed. We thought, what’s a better way to celebrate than kicking back, lighting up, and listening to music. No, it’s not 4/20, but it’s still a cannabis-filled day that needs more recognition. We tend to forget about the underlying hemp industry and its’ effects, probably because we are preoccupied with feeling its effects (Did you catch that?) Hemp has been around for thousands of years, and now in 2020 it has become monetized and grown to be a flourishing business venture.

While we reflect, here are a few artists you can add to your playlists, if you haven’t already, the next time you spark up:

Brent Faiyaz

What can I say about Brent? Listening to his 2017 project, “Sonder Son” just puts you in the mood to light one up. He rides so smooth on any beat he faces and ultimately sets the tone for a chill night. “Gang Over Luv” is on constant repeat when it’s time for a session.


I’ll be honest, I JUST got hip to this kid, but I’m glad I was put on in the end. Not his latest project, but his album “Veronica’s Room” is definitely something that needs to be added to your playlist to listen to during a session and in general. Perfect for one of those late night rides through the city. The first track on this album will let you know, this is perfect to tote one to.


First of all, check out our Monthly Slaps playlist for January, he’s on there! He’s getting more on the radar, especially with his recent Grammy win with Roddy Rich, which should give you more reason to put him into your rotation. With his hand in producing, I’d say he knows his sound and can make any session.

Larry June

Larry June has been making major moves as seen on social media, and everyday someone new tells me about him. Honestly, at first I was not a fan until I listened to “Organic Mud” off his 2019 release "Mr. Midnight". The vibe of this track alone will have anyone’s head bobbing while trying to keep their eyes open.


One of Dreamville’s own, how could I not add him to the list! He’s someone you listen to for the words and flow, not just the production. Adding his West Coast flair to any track is always appreciated, in and out of a good session.


One of Atlanta's hidden gems, this singer has a number of hits you can smoke one to. if your trying to just relax and let the music take you to another place, M. Saafir will give you just that with his trance-like melodies. His latest single "The Chase" is just one of many songs you HAVE to smoke one to.

Picking music doesn’t have to be tedious when you grab the aux. All in all, know the atmosphere you’re trying to set when you sparking up, Hemp day or not. Add these artists and puff, puff, play!!