• desiiTee

Rapper BIA is the Feature that Makes Russ's New Single 'Best on Earth' a Hit

We already know who Russ is; one artist many have a love-hate relationship with due to his independent, DIY rapper antics and rants. Russ has never disappointed the people musically but to others, the words and choices he makes outside of the music have moved many to dislike the Atlanta rapper. As he just released his first debut book titled, "IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD" he also releases a new single. On his new single "Best on Earth," he brings Boston female rapper BIA to offset the chorus along with her verse. She comes in sounding like a familiar but unfamiliar voice to the airwaves. As you listen to the track and not sure who is present in the first few seconds it sounds like rapping Rihanna. But as you continue to listen and BIA comes in with her stand out verse you are quickly reminded that this is not Rihanna, instead it is a female voice that draws you to want to know more. 

BIA has been in the game for quite some time since 2012 and made her debut on the female hip-hop show, "Sisterhood of Hip-Hop", she was also once upon a time signed to Pharell's "I Am Other" Record label, and has toured with Pusha T. She is not new to the industry and comes with a lyrical flow that still has me wondering why she is so underrated. Kudo's to Russ for bringing BIA on to this track, making this the perfect "mainstream" song for BIA to be on to get the recognition she deserves. Not only that, but Rihanna has helped by co-signing the new song on Instagram which allowed the steams to double. BIA's style is dope, and her sound and flow don't sound like anything that is currently out. Her east coast vibe is clearly present in her lyrical ability to spit a good bar and be sexy at the same time. 

As this song graces the radio with its catchy chorus, and familiar bed squeak beat, it came to no surprise that other songs she is featured on started to pop up more on my curated playlist on Spotify. This was just a sign that this is an artist I need to pay attention to and one who might just be out here giving other artists the ally-oop to a hit single. 

Watch below and start to add BIA to your playlist.