• desiiTee

Redbull Music Fest Allows Yung Baby Tate's Creative Side to Run Wild on her Festival Featured Stage

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

It's Redbull Music Fest first year in Atlanta and they have seamlessly stood out already as the last festival to hit the city until 2020. The activations and representation of art have made a true statement already as Atlanta experiences 14 days of music provided by Redbull Music. As we wrap up the first week of the festival its ended with a bang with Atlanta's own Yung Baby Tate. Her stage featured several hitting female artists that are rapidly growing in the industry and within a blink of an eye, have caught the attention of thousands of people. "Yung Baby Tate: Camp" stage was such a creative site you were able to see her vision come to life. My first time seeing Yung Baby Tate perform was almost a year ago as a featured artist at another show at the Masquerade in the "Hell" part of the venue. At that point, I knew all of her animated and kid-like antics were a hit by the reaction of the crowd. Now a year later she is performing in the same venue but in the bigger performance of the Masquerade in "Heaven" and it was a sight to see and a testament to her story of how things can change in a year. 

The first time seeing Yung Baby Tate was nothing compared to her performance for Redbull Music; miss thing put on a great show. I've always liked her style and knew she brought something different coming out of Atlanta, but I wasn't aware of her diversity. She performed so well, not only is she a rapper, but a singer, dancer, and entertainer. Watching her perform reminded me so much of a young pop Nicki Minaj it was kind of crazy. Imagine if Nicki Minaj had a toddler, Yung Baby Tate literally is her. She has this innocence that is also sexual but not provocative that could satisfy a few fantasies for our young gentlemen. She is this playful, colorful, petite, and sexy black girl who spit lyrics that represent women empowerment to its fullest. Not only did Yung Baby Tate bring her talents to the camp stage that featured a colorful tent, abstract shapes, and flags but she brought women who had their own unique flow to the stage as well. 

This was such a special set, I was blown away. Yung Baby Tate came out to open the show and introduce the people to "Camp", but as she performed she was able to ease in the next performer with a song they've done together than allowing them to perform for the crowd for 1-2 of their tracks. It wasn't a show where artists perform before her and then she performs at the end. Yung Baby Tate meshed her performances along with the other featured artist allowing each other to share the same energy of the eclectic, and vibrant crowd. We were pleased to see Atlanta rappers, Bbymutha, Mulatto and Atlanta sensational singer Baby Rose. Not only did Atlanta artists get to show off but Yung Baby Tate opened up her stage to rappers Queen Key, and Kari Faux along with Precious Ebony and Jersey DJ/performer UNIIQU3. We also can't forget about her twerking DJ, DJ SkyJetta. Each performer brought such essence to their craft they deserve their own love on and I can't express how every one of these ladies are so unique and represents a different kind of flow to music.

Redbull Music and Yung Baby Tate did a phenomenal job representing her and all the artists brought to the stage. Her interaction with everyone who came on stage shows that Yung Baby Tate is genuinely showing love to women who love to perform and express their art. 

This is only the tipping point for Yung Baby Tate as 2019 has been a great year for her, not only did she feature on the platinum album "Revenge of the Dreamers III" by Dreamville but now this Redbull Music collaboration. She has significantly grown in my eyes and she is definitely someone to watch.