• K-HiSox

Revenge of The Dreamers III Heatseeker 'LamboTruck' FINALLY Gets Visual Treatment

This is the one. When this project was released and I first heard this song I was calling for a video to this. Honestly, one of the best conceptual rap songs towards a label or label boss I've heard since Cyhi The Prynce's Elephant in the Room, where he disses Kanye.

If you haven't heard the track, TDE's Reason and Dreamville's Cozz voice their "frustrations" with their labels to each other. Tired of not getting the support or the money they feel like they are due, they begin to direct their anger to their bosses, Top Dawg and J.Cole. Then a more sinister conversation begins to unfold.

The song is so jarring watch J.Cole's first reaction when he first heard it along with the video itself.

Not gonna lie though, I wanted Top and Cole in this one. Still great creativity!