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Russ Serves Gems in New Book 'It's All in Your Head'

You better get up

get out

and get somethin'

Russ is a huge artists today but like most artists he didn't start that way. For those that don't know, Russ has been on the scene for the while and for good reason. He took himself and his brand seriously, did the homework and put himself on! Yes, his music is great but if you really listen to him he speaks real facts that a lot of people in the industry may or may not want you to hear.

With a wealth of knowledge, Russ has compiled all his life lessons dealing with his music career, family, relationships and the mind behind the music into a book! That's right. Russ has debuted a book entitled 'It's All in Your Head." I am going to put this on my list. Even though others feel Russ might come off arrogant to some, when you get to the root of what he's saying you find that it might be easily confused with mere passion that many lack

If the book is anything like his interviews expect a very raw and honest self help book that many of us need to help us get over that hump and give us a motivational push in the right direction.

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