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Samples We Love to Remember

Happy National Old Stuff Day!

In honor of this holiday, I'm here to give yall my favorite songs that have recently come out but were sampled from an oldie.

Now, I know sampling has been THE go-to this past year for many artists.... BUT, I can't lie and say that there's not some over-saturation. It's one thing to create an entirely new vibe and aura to a song without ruining the original melodic value. It's another to make a "bop" for radio play, club play and to involve surface level artistry. (Ok yes, Saweetie's remake of "Freak A Leek" is fire, but is it really the cream of the crop? I think not.)

Don't get me wrong though, there have been some songs that have hit me in that good part of my soul & if you know me, you know I am a sucker for a dope rendition.

Here are a few of my top pics from 2019 til now:

No Guidance- Drake & Chris Brown

I know all my ladies were too ready for this summer drop in 2019. Two heavy-hitters came together and gave us what feels like the hit to start a decade of great collabs. Taking the smooth rendition of Che Ecru's "Before I Die", slowing it down and adding in some falsettos captivated the true essence of what this song should be. This version, as well as the original, are definitely in my rotation for 2020.

Before I Let Go- Beyonce

No lie, I would consider Maze and Frankie Beverly to be legendary entities in the music game. Since the 70's this band has been the pivotal sound of and for Black people. You know you aren't going to ANY cookout, baby shower or wedding without them being in rotation. The fact that now a new legendary entity in music decided to revamp the classic was just the icing on the cake. In the release of Beyonce's Netflix original "Homecoming" in 2019, she debuted her remix of this classic family reunion tune. With the help of producer TayKeith, her single topped the charts for weeks. Even when it comes on, you will still catch me doing the dance break at the end !! ;)

Teyana Taylor Ft. King Combs- How You Want It

Alright now, I know all my 90's babies are here for this one too. As a classic Bad Boys fan, this hit from my boy Mase and such a powerful female group like Total; music like this gave us the soulfulness we needed with the hip-hop we loved. The pluck of the guitar mixed with the sexy harmonies made this one a hit for the ages. I think it was a perfect use for Teyana Taylor's sample this past fall. And of course it's only right she connected with a Bad Boy entity with her feature from King Combs. A sexy take on a authentic song is why Tey's version has been on repeat since it's drop.

Dreamville- Under The Sun

Such a sultry melodic vibe from this sample. The harmonic "oooh's and ahhh's" were a classic from the group, The Argo Singers. These 5 voices together set a gospel feel over any beat, who's range and control set a smooth tone into the 60's and beyond. It is only right that 60+ years later, a rapper who's samples I also adore, would use one of this caliber. J Cole really dug into the vault and pulled out a chill song with fire verses. Use of Da Baby and Lute different cadences over this original track is why the "dreamers" are still at the top of my list this year.

Wale ft. Jeremih- On Chill

Everytime Wale and Jeremih hop on a track, I know that it is going to sound like sex (LOL!) This collab is one that I always seem to make time for so I am so glad they took a sensual 90's song and made it their on. And anyone who knows anything about Tony! Toni! Tone!, they know the smooth voice of Raphael Saadiq will get any crowd of people in a vibe. With all it's radio and party play in 2020, Wale's version will for sure be played for years to come

2 Chainz Ft. Ariana Grande- Rule The World

There is one artist from the 00's that I hold near and dear to my heart and that is Amerie. A go-getter when it came to making sure women felt respected and heard in music, Amerie has one of those voices that you knew had music would make it through the decades. Well, I was right. My guy 2 Chainz came into 2019 with a flip on a old classic. Ariana Grande came in with such an elegance and made a statement of her own with vocals and I was HERE FOR. I am so glad one of my favorite nostalgic songs has made it to my adulthood.

We all know music is recyclable and artists love samples, but the kids now a days never know where they come from. We encourage everyone to do their research on music in lieu of National Old Stuff Day. As expected, we had to take a twist on the national holiday and put some music to it.

What's been your favorite sample so far, because there's a plethora!!