• TayDay

SiR's Latest Visual Gives Us A Dose of Kung Fu Fever

Over the years, we have seen hip-hop branch out into many different facets. From fashion to food, the culture of hip-hop has now become essential in the buying and selling of any product. One facet that we've loved the most is the connection that Kungfu has with hip-hop. It is really one of the keys to bridging gap between entertainment and actual experiences young Black kids are facing.

Since the 70's and 80's, Kung Fu has had a serious impacted our culture. The universal movies were first played in New York, the birthplace of hip-hop, and it essentially emerged as one of our favorites. The creative aesthetic of martial arts became like choreography to us, especially with breaking and pop-locking being so prevalent. The graphics on movie titles became a perfect fit for cool looking album covers. The swag of our favorite characters gave way to a whole demeanor that young, underground rappers could idolize. Some of the biggest rappers of all time talk about how inspiring Kung Fu was to them. Everyone from SugarHill Gang to Wu-Tang to Kendrick Lamar have made references to Kung Fu and its role in their life.

This past week, singer SiR dropped his latest video "Mood" ft. Zacari. Besides the song being an all-out hit, the video is what really sparked interests. It is based around Asian descent and Kungfu elements where SiR is a evil master with lots of money and Zacari, who is playing the "good guy", is coming to fight him for it.

In watching this video, the whole concept was dope. This is director, Mez, second music video (first was MIDDLE CHILD by J.Cole) so y'all know the graphics and zoom-in's were on point. It gave a great way to see, once again, how influential Kung Fu can be and how much love we have for it, even in 2019.

Be sure to stream this newest video on Youtube! You won't be disappointed.