• K-HiSox

Spillage Village Cope With Civil Disarray in New Visual 'End of Daze'

Times are changing....actually, not really.

These are dark times that we're living in but unfortunately, they're not new. We are not living in a new epidemic of racial injustice, it's just being televised and on our phone screens more. An out pour of artists are coming out and using their platforms to talk about it and share their thoughts on how tired we are, protest are on-going and voices are SLOWLY being heard.

Spillage Village is included in that wave, like all of us. We are sick and tired of our people being murdered in cold blood. End of Daze is a great representation of what we are all thinking right now. The song slightly gives off a 24 Hours To Live feel but in these times that we're living in sadly, you never know. Each of the Spillage Village members are searching for an end in sight, hope. Will we ever find it? Will the killing ever stop? Will the black eye of the world ever heal? No pun intended.