• Sir Bishop

Suede Sheets At My Mama’s House

Let’s see..

Insert background conversation over guitar licks. He takes a sip from his glass and proceeds to invite you to a vice of your own in preparation for what’s about to happen.

Oh, this is going to be my kind of project, and it didn’t take long.

“Velvet sheets, pinky rings, scented candles, French-tip toenails”

As the synth comes in, who is this? Straight out of Long Beach, California comes Jaywop providing today’s auditory journey. The West Coast emcee came recommended by, K-HiSox, and it's clear to see why. The man makes some good music.

Sonically, this project offers a wide pallet while maintaining cohesiveness all throughout. The EP takes the listener through a series of events culminating at the end of a relationship.

The track, “Diamonds” sees the emcee rhyming about the trust issues over these swirly synths and bass keys, while the single “Gold” manages to take a more melancholy view of the situation.

Both tracks include solid contributions from Deante Hitchcock and Innanet James, respectively. The title track, “Seude” and “I Been” sees Jaywop turn introspective, while “Screen Door” serves as the inevitable bounce-back track within the story. Unironically, this is where Jay shines lyrically and technically.

“Life can penetrate your mind and collapse your soul. Can never let these n****** in, close my screen”.

This EP, came right in time for the spring-summer season. The world is opening up, people will be gathering more, and this is an overall groovy body of work to vibe to. Shouts out to K-HiSox for sending this over.

The West Coast continues to produce quality music.