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TDE Artists Release tracks to Celebrate TDE Appreciation Week

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Who doesn't love a TDE release? What's better is when it comes from more than one artist on the team. This week we were blessed during quarantine to get a release every day, in honor of Top Dawg's birthday this past 4/20. We love it when they shine light on the rest of the TDE family. The collective will be giving us two weeks of TDE appreciation with a surprise release daily. It's something about TDE that is special, and the artists they hold on the label provide such a different experience when it comes to their music. It's amazing how they are able to balance out the old generation , and the new generation of TDE. This by far one of the most solid record labels out right now, and this week proves it.

First up, we have the long-awaited track from Ab-Soul. He is back with his DANGEROOKIPAWAA FREESTYLE. Ab-Soul brings a classic Hip-Hop sound, where he instantly goes off as expected showing his appreciation for TDE and Top dawg. Lyrics like "I'm unTOPable," speaks volumes before the beat switches to a massive drum and horn. As he switches up, he immediately gives his shout out to Mac Miller, "Another moment of most dopeness from Malcolm McCormick," which is expected, as they were best friends. Proud to say Ab-Soul still got it, and this is what we been waiting on from the man himself.

Next up comes Zacari, one of the vocalists on the team. Zacari released two tracks this week, "A Woman's Work," which has a slight rendition of Maxwell's "A Woman's Worth" but switches up to fit the R&B sound of today featuring Che Ecru. Along with his single "Edamame." Zacari's unique sound brings a subtle flare to TDE and the rawness of the crew. These two tracks give us a perfect feel for TDE's well-roundedness within their team.

Our next daily tracks come from two artists of the week being SIR and Kembe X.

SIR is another great singer coming from the label and gives you a more grown-up R&B raw feel with his music, where he falls so perfectly into the collective. He gives us, "Rapper Weed," featuring Boogie.

Kembe X is not officially apart of TDE but managed by MOOSA of TDE, and is also no stranger to The Rap Hippies. Kembe X is a rapper with a remarkable flow and always manages to give us a slapper and this track, "Off the Leash" is not far from one. If anything Kembe X needs a lot more recognition and being apart of TDE appreciation, I'm hoping he gets it.

The last track of the week comes from Reason, as he teased us the night before with a tweet of an Expo marker and peeking eye emoji's hinting that something is happening. Lo and behold Reason brings us one of the most controversial tracks of the week, "Might Not Make It." Bar for bar Reason is taking shots at almost everything we are observing through music and media. What makes this even better is the visual that comes with the track, where there is no way you can misconstrue he's taking shots. Reason is an impeccable rapper, and seeing the visuals to the song is pure comedy but dope as hell in this time where things are taken so seriously.

If this isn't enough for you from TDE, no worries, we are expected to see more releases next week. Our predictions after seeing this week's releases, we think we will see something from SZA, Jay Rock, ScHoolboy Q, and by the grace of God Kendrick Lamar.