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The Artist Who Can’t be put in a Box — AUGUST 08 is Gaining His Spotlight in the Music Industry

One thing’s for certain—AUGUST 08 creativity is on another planet. The LA-based singer, songwriter, and producer is by far one of the most talented artists I’ve come across. His ability to tap into multi-genres of music and deliver them aesthetically is quite charming. Whether you’re in the mood for some soulful r&b, mainstream pop, EDM or a dab of hip hop, August does it ALL.

The 88RISING artist, who is also signed to Red Bull records, has a style that’s heartfelt and introspective. He gives me Frank Ocean vibes with his dreamy sound and emotionally driven records. What I love most about AUGUST is his ability to be vulnerable and share his intimate feelings through his music. In all three of his EP’s: Father, Happy Endings With an Asterisk, and his latest EP, Emotional Cuh, AUGUST displays a raw, vivid portrait of his life after the abandonment of his father. Isolation, depression, gang involvement and uncertainties with women are a few of the many issues that plagued him. AUGUST doesn’t allow his circumstances to define him however, but instead transcends his emotions through his music. In an interview he did with Augustman, he stated, “I want people to know that it’s okay to be an emotional person and that it’s okay to not always be perfect. You’re beautiful in your right. Sometimes that beauty only shows after you had had the time and the experiences.” I admire this about AUGUST because I’ve encountered many men who wrestle with expressing their emotions as it’s skewed as a sign of weakness. AUGUST defies this however and is a proven testament of how we can flip something negative and turn it into positive.

To be honest, I had no awareness of who AUGUST 08 was until last week, but after listening to his music, I’m definitely a fan. From his poetic storytelling to his ability to grab my attention with his serene voice, I truly appreciate his dopeness.

As a songwriter who was once behind the scenes, writing hits for artists like for DJ Khaled, Wale, and Justin Beiber to name a few, AUGUST 08 has proven why he deserves a well needed spotlight in the industry.

You can listen to August 08 latest EP, Emotional Cuh, on all streaming platforms and be sure to check out his short film to the EP below. It cleverly compliments the songs.