• TayDay

The Real Saga of Wiz Khalifa

I would just like to start this off by saying that I have been apart of the Taylor Gang for years. I mean.. with it being my name and the amount of Chucks I had, it was inevitable. So when this young rapper from Pittsburgh caught my eye and this is what he came out repping? It was only right that I would become a lifelong fan.

Wiz Khalifa was one of those rappers that was so influential to our generation. We could really consider him like an underground fairytale. The amount of effort behind his first few releases showed potential, personality and a vibe a lot of young people could tap into. Even til this day, I can't believe the level of nostalgia I have for Wiz's projects. The way I remember walking down my high school hallway bumping Bankroll and Ms. Rightfernow; classic sh*t.

After consecutively dropping Shove & Prove, Star Power , Deal of No Deal, Flight School and Burn After Rolling, in the span of a few years, I knew that Wiz had become a key player in this music industry. His knowledge, from the connections with Rostrum Records, led his to first deal with Warner Bros. As Wiz was dropping his own content, he was subsequently connecting with other artists like Mac Miller, Curren$y and Chevy Woods to start making music with them; we love to see a rapper that can be versatile and put on for other artists while still staying true to his niche.

For me, Wiz really start to became a staple after the release of Kush and Orange Juice in 2010. This was a major breakthrough in the game because how quality that album was as a whole. From the samples used, to the skits, Wiz pretty much captivated a whole buzz and it was only from a mixtape. You can't tell me you didn't bump In The Cut or Up at almost every kickback in those early college days.

The depth of his artistry really started to show at this point, and in hindsight, is what got him signed to Atlantic Records. This took him to a new level of fame and is when I began to see his push to go mainstream with the major release of chart topper, Black and Yellow. Within only 2 years, he created 3 more mixtapes, including Cabin Fever 1 & 2, and 2 albums; Rolling Papers and O.N.I.F.C. His caliber to elevate his sound and his swag through every project is admirable for anyone that young during that time. He went on to make billboard hits and tour globally, which is saying a lot for the young Pennsylvania boy I knew and loved. As his level of fame rose, he still continued to give his fans content with rapper collabs and EP's. For the last few years, even with his music not being as present as I would like, he is still considered a dope rapper in the hip hop industry and a staple for how new rappers should be maneuvering in this game.

Wiz's latest release just dropped on 4/20/20 and I will be the one to say, it was definitely good seeing his name scrolling through my Spotify. I think that as an artist that's been 10 years in, he knew how important it was to give his fans something to act as a statement for him. Coming with a title like The Saga of Wiz Khalifa, I would consider this EP a good homage for Wiz to tap into who he really is.

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