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There's a New Early Bloomer on the Block: Who is Ahmad Anonimis?

So, I’m at home playing some video games, unwinding from work, when I remember there’s an artist that Desi wants me to check out. Normally, I’m hesitant to give new rappers an ear because they usually sound the same. I had some free time, so I figured why not now? Worst case scenario, I could just say it’s wack.

I check the email, and there’s this guy, Ahmad Anonimis, promoting his song “Cut Off”. Going into  it, I didn’t expect much, however, I didn’t expect what I got. Somehow, I stumbled on an enjoyable anthem about cutting out negativity.

Anonimis writes, “The single is about cutting off all the negative people, negative influences, and negative habits that were holding me back from being a better person.”

Naturally, my next question was, who is this guy? Ever the inquisitive gentleman, I hit the web to find more. Singles such as “Good Evening” and “Taste Bass” are immediately saved to my library.

Listening to the way Anonimis glide over beats, I realize this kid has potential. He knows how to structure and make songs, and he sounds good on a beat. He’s not the most lyrically complex, but he doesn’t need to be. This kid could make decent living in music if he positions himself properly.

I genuinely like what I heard, but I’m still left with a lingering question: who is Ahmad Anonimis?