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Tokyo Jetz Makes Sure You Hear Her on New Single 'Kay'

I need a bag I ain't do it for clout

You in the comments, you hype from a couch

Tokyo....Jetz. It's no secret this woman has grown on me. I remember when my brother slid me her breakout single The One and at first I thought to myself "awww, here we go" but when I heard her spit, she pulled me in. She is the epitome of how I like my female rappers, talks grimey in every sense of the word, feminism on 100 and is nobody's joke when it comes to braggadocios bars. She's a rose that comes with the thorns, I love that. Her ferocious edge gives her the edge in my opinion, it truly makes her stand out to me.

Since having her baby, Amir, Tokyo Jetz got back on the mic and hasn't missed a beat, no pun intended. Rolling with the times, she graces us with her third single entitled Kay off her upcoming album, respectively titled, Stimulus Package. Tokyo Jetz is not to be played with. Album coming later this month!

Also check out the lyric video below!