• K-HiSox

Tyler, the Creator WENT OFF During His Grammy Performance

Sunday the world stopped.

I was so stuck with the passing of Kobe Bryant I completely forgot the Grammy's were set to take place later on that night. I saw the highlights like Nipsey FINALLY getting not 1 but 2 Grammy's and the acceptance speech from his family. What I did catch is that Tyler, the Creator received his first Grammy for Best Rap Album, IGOR. If you haven't heard it yet I give you full permission to stop reading now and listen to it. Although, I'm still not sure if it's a rap album but it was definitely one of my favorites.

I was inundated with all things Kobe, but finally got to see him perform Earfquake and New Magic Wand accompanied by Boyz II Men and Charlie Wilson...WHOA. Tyler's gutsy performances make songs better. He just made the album better, again. Thank you Tyler for always capturing your light and putting it into the most entertaining and off-centered bottle there is for the world to see.

Check out Tyler's speech and performance below.