• The Rap Hippies

Who is the NEW Queen of R&B?

With an evolution in sound, comes a new top dog for any genre. In this case, social media went crazy over a post that featured Ari Lennox, Jorja Smith, Summer Walker, Ella Mai all in the running for the new queen of R&B. Each presents their own contribution to this genre,but who absolutely holds the current title? Legends like Toni Braxton, Mary J Blige, Brandy, etc still reign supreme, but with a new generation comes a worthy successor.

Out of the 4, Ari Lennox definitely takes the cake. Her most recent discography, “Shea Butter Baby” has tracks that captivates that smooth and timeless sound that the other artists can’t. Ella Mai, who I would personally place second, has had a successful run when it comes to hits like “Boo’d Up” and “Trip”, but as far as overall sound, in my opinion, she didn’t quite make the cut. Although Summer Walker and Jorja Smith carry a lot of weight, they do not have much hold the crown for Queen of R&B.

Honorable mentions should be H.E.R, Sza, and Solange. They also contributed to R&B culture and should be given their respects. Who do you l think should take the crown for this generation?