• K-HiSox

You Thought Crunk Was Dead?!

Not when Duke Deuce in the building!

Duke Deuce is taking an approach you gotta love. This is what taking chances, building off an era, and making it entirely your own gets you. I first saw the Crunk Ain't Dead video about a month or two ago and the sound was off but I saw Duke Deuce dancing and KILLIN IT! After I turned the sound on I'm not going to lie, I was expecting a Drake Wu Tang Forever track that was far left of expectations. I was definitely wrong! This felt like the old south to me instantly. I really commend this dude. He's taking what we all know and love and turned it into a banger. The Crunk Era was a very special time in the south and Duke Deuce wants you to know that he got it on his back now. While going through the album, Duke has the smash song remix accompanied by none other than Lil Jon, Juicy J and DJ Paul which he was previously co-signed by and rightfully so.

The Quality Control artist just dropped Memphis Massacre 2 which features other songs that also give you that crunk era feel with a mix that will still keep him relevant with today's sound. This is great get hype music. Mix in the crunk, sprinkle in the Memphis flavor and some over the top energy you have the recipe for QC's next breakout star. Duke Deuce is a great mixture of nostalgia and the new generation. Stop this kid, I dare you!