The Rap Hippies consists of a group of like minded curators that cherish, respect, and appreciate Rap & Hip-Hop in its true form. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia we are the crate diggers who love lyrics and a dope beat, along with discussing music through this generation. We are the counter culture of Hip-Hop building a community  for others that value the culture just as much as we do. 




"Kyle is originally from Los Angeles County. He graduated from KSU with a degree in Communications and a minor in film. Since his childhood, hip hop played a special part in his life and has always been a full circle topic of discussion. Serving as the co-founder of The Rap Hippies his goal is not to refute anything going on in the culture rather than challenge his counterparts to think critically about the bigger picture."


"If it ain’t real I don’t feel it, If it don’t hit my spirit I don’t get near it" - Joey Bada$$


"Desirae is originally from Va Beach, VA but has lived  up and down the east coast. As a military child, Desirae made music her outlet & love as she constantly moved around. Her last major move was to Atlanta for school, later graduating with a Communications Degree and a certification in Music and Entertainment business. Desirae is now a co-founder of The Rap Hippies where she uses the platform to speak on music and the entertainment business. Her overall goal is to help artists and true creatives make their dreams come true." 


"Taylor is a Cleveland Ohio native and a recent BGSU graduate. Taylor majored in Communications with a minor in Creative Management and Production, she moved to Atlanta this past year in pursuit of a television production career. She soon  found herself intrigued with the creativity, enthusiasm and potential behind the Rap Hippies team. She decided to come on board as a Content Producer and Strategist in hopes of being apart of a brand that "vibes different".